Star Loses Millions playing Baccarat
Baccarat is a popular game for casino goers especially the high rolling crowd. It is not uncommon for a player to lose hundreds if not thousands while playing the game. However it is uncommon for a player to lose a million while playing the game. Recently Jay Chou a superstar of Taiwan recently lost €1 million while visiting a casino in Singapore.

Chou visited the Marina Bay Sands Casino just a few days ago while he was on tour in Singapore. Chou is a singer, musician, actor and film producer so he has money to burn apparently. He decided to play baccarat and ended up wagering anywhere from €58,000 to €115,000 on each bet.

Over a two day period Chou managed to lose €1 million at the baccarat tables. A witness stated that Chou was gambling with his manager and a few friends and although he was losing money he was still in good spirits, acting mannerly and wanting only female waiters to wait on him.

The news story broke in a Malaysian newspaper known as the Nanyang Siang Pau but Chou’s manager, Yang Jun Rong refused to comment on the story. He stated he lost only about half the amount the paper is reporting.

- 2010-08-30

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