Pechanga Resort and Casino Announces EZ Baccarat Tables
The Pechanga Resort and Casino in California has announced it has replaced 5 standard baccarat table games with five EZ Baccarat tables. The new tables are equipped with LCD based display system call DEQ’s EZTRAK. This display system tracks game play trends and side wager bets and displays all the statistical information.

Also the EZ Baccarat tables do away with commissions but does not change the way the game is played. It does this by replacing the usual 5% commission taken on winning bank hands and instead bars the winning bank hand that is the three card total of seven, called the Dragon 7. You can take a 40-1 insurance bet when this three card winning bank hand occurs.

According to Steve Miller who is the Director of table games at the Pechanga Casino, "Baccarat players are thrilled to get a chance to play the no commission version of Baccarat, which eliminates the hassle of having to calculate and collect the commission. It's a perfect situation. Players enjoy the game because it plays twice as fast as commission baccarat and the casino is also pleased because of the higher hands per hour rate."

"California Casinos are catching on to this more effective way of playing baccarat. After Barona's installation of six (6) EZ Baccarat Games equipped with EZTRAK, Pechanga has followed suit and added such features as 42 inch screens to follow game play with the EZTRAK. The EZ Baccarat experience for the players and the casinos is proving to be both enjoyable and profitable,” added Earle Hall, DEQ's President and CEO.

- 2008-02-07

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