No Wrong-Doing Found in Mini-Baccarat Case
Two years ago the Golden Nugget was subject to a case involving mini-baccarat and $1.5 million. Several players won a ton of cash and a court battle has taken place for years with players trying to prove they did nothing wrong. An investigation has now found that no wrong-doing took place during the incident.

Fourteen gamblers were visiting the casino when unshuffled cards were used during mini-baccarat game play. A court battle has been taking place for years now between the casino and the gamblers as to if the money should be paid to the winners. Just last week, the Division of Gaming Enforcement released a letter stating that after an extensive investigation, they found no wrong-doing by the casino or the players who won the cash.

The DGE found the game to be legal and valid under the NJ Casino Control Act. The group found no evidence to prove that the players or the personnel of the casino were involved in tampering with the game. No collusion, cheating or manipulation of the game took place to alter the results in any way.

Surveillance tapes were reviewed and the only error found was that the dealer did not discard the proper amount of cards when the game began. This error was determined to be minor in nature and did not affect the pattern in which the cards were dealt.

The management of the casino were watching the game and were unable to find obvious issues in regards to the game to be able to find sufficient evidence that would allude to cheating or an issue with the game. The casino had the opportunity to stop the game at any time and could have chosen to introduce a new deck of cards at any time but choose to let the game continue.

- 2014-09-29

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