New Electronic Baccarat Table Released by LT Game Ltd
Baccarat is the game of choice for several gamblers across the globe and can be found in many forms. When playing online, the game can be found at top online casinos and played in a variety of different ways. When playing the game at a land based casino, the game can be enjoyed electronically or with a physical deck of cards. LT Game Ltd recently decided to launch a new E-Baccarat table which combines the live dealer aspect of baccarat with electronic wagering.

With E-Baccarat, players have the option of sitting down at a table for 5 to 10 players and everyone can play at the same time. The dealer will deal the cards and is not required to allow players to place wagers or assist with winnings. Players simply use a screen to place their wager.

With the electronic option, players will still be dealt cards and be able to play at a gaming table like standard baccarat but will see the payout done automatically in the system. With the electronic payout system, players will have more security and privacy when it comes to placing wagers and receiving payments.

Players can wager on the E-Baccarat tables via an individual betting terminal and this can easily be done as with the Live Multi Game Machines system of LT Game. The new electronic option should help to improve the speed and efficiency of the game as it allows cash and vouchers to be automatically converted and stored during game play. The casino will have an accurate record of betting and credit points as well as help to minimize the human error as the dealers are only operating the cards and not the actual wagers.

The new gaming machine and tables are installed at the Macau Jockey Club which is located in Macau. It will be interesting to see if the gaming tables catch on and are added to any other casinos around

- 2014-09-10

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