New Baccarat game released for mobile devices
Casino games are a popular choice for mobile gamblers and players can now check out a new baccarat game thanks to Code Redman. Code Redman recently announced they have created a new game called Baccarat 88 and it is now available for the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

The new baccarat game is free for players to download and it is the fourth game created by Code Redman in the card gaming category. Players must wager on what will come of two hands in each round. Players can choose to bet on the banker to win, the player to win or a tie between the two. The game is a great way for players to get practice in the game of baccarat and learn how it works, since players are using play money during the game.

Code Redman used large playing cards that are animated as well as customizable backgrounds and sound effects to create an enjoyable gaming experience. Chris Redman the founder of Code Redman commented on the release of the new game by stating:

“Baccarat 88 is our fourth card game in the series. The previous games, Pontoon 88, Blackjack 88 and Poker 88 are proving popular with mobile card game players. Baccarat 88 keeps the idea of good planning and luck enabling you to play it free forever. If not, the game gives you free chips to play with after half an hour. You can buy more chips in the app allowing you to play for much longer with higher bets.”

Not only has Code Redman released the Baccarat 88 game, they have also released a new game called Baccarat 88 Infinite. This option offers player’s unlimited chips for continued game play. Once players lose all of their chips they will instantly earn 50,000 added to their game.

- 2011-06-29

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