Baccarat Battle Ends for Golden Nugget
Since 2012, the Golden Nugget located in Atlantic City New Jersey has been battling an incident involving the game of mini-baccarat. The case has finally ended and the casino was named the winner of the battle. $1.5 million was won at the casino with the baccarat game, though the casino claimed the players took advantage of an unshuffled deck to take the money.

Donna Taylor, the State Superior Court Judge in this case, decided that the 14 players will have to return the money they won during the game as it was not congruent with the laws of gaming within the state. The group of players noticed that the deck of new cards had not been shuffled so they could tell the order of dealing during game play.

The hands would be repeated every 15 hands so players would know what cards were coming next and how to wager. The players then decided to up their wagers and would bet as much as $5,000 on a single hand. After winning 41 hands in a row, the group managed to take $1.5 million from the casino. The casino had paid the group $500,000 before they realized that something was going on.

Once the casino caught on, the game play was stopped, police and the DGE were called. The court case showed that the cards were supposed to come from the Gemaco manufacturer already shuffled by a machine that ensure no decks are the same. However, this deck seemed to have slipped through the shuffling system.

The Golden Nugget first tried to sue the players to get back the amount paid then the players decided to counter sue for the $1 million they felt was owed to them. The first time the case went to court, the gamblers won and the casino claimed they would appeal. The casino then won after appealing the case and then had to go to court once again just a few weeks ago where the casino won yet again, seeing the players pay up.

- 2015-02-10

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