Alabama woman accused of cheating at baccarat in Mississippi
The game of baccarat is one that can reward players handsomely when the right move is made. Players who enjoy baccarat strive to place the right bet and see the right cards dealt to earn the win. The game is usually played by individuals who are familiar with the rules and those who have a high amount of cash to wager. Baccarat is considered a high roller game. Recently, a woman from Alabama was visiting a Biloxi casino when she allegedly cheated the game, winning $3,000.

Ngoc My Le of Auburn was visiting the IP Casino Resort when she decided to hit the baccarat tables. Le was able to win the cash by placing wagers after the cards had already been revealed. This is known as a late bet and not allowed according to the standard rules of the game. Late Sunday night, Le was arrested and taken into custody on charges of false pretense which is a felony.

The IP Casino Resort found that Le was placing $100 wagers at the baccarat table on the 30 to 1 bonus play. The late betting or past posting is illegal and Le was reportedly caught in the act. The dealer did not see the bet made and did not remember the chip being placed before the deal.

A supervisor was alerted by the dealer and the payout not made as the surveillance footage was reviewed. The video showed Le make the late bet so she was arrested and placed in the Harrison County jail. She is currently being held on $10,000 bond.

The charge of false pretense can see Le going to prison for 10 years and facing a fine of $10,000 if the maximum penalties are served. This is just one of many instances of late betting that take place, leading to jail time for those involved.

- 2016-08-15

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