Baccarat Cheater Arrested after Scamming Casino
Baccarat is a game that is considered a ‘high roller’ choice and is particularly a favorite of Asian gamblers. Casinos around the world offer baccarat at several different stakes and the game is an interesting table gaming option to enjoy. The game is usually one that is subject to cheating as players have figured out how to cheat at the game. Just recently, a woman in Iowa was caught cheating at the baccarat tables and was quickly arrested.

The woman, Tuyen Thanh Nguyen, is from Fort Dodge and was arrested after she was alleged to have cheated at baccarat. The charge of cheating at the game is considered a felony and Nguyen will now face day time. After being arrested and charges, Nguyen was released from jail and must now attend the sentencing hearing.

According to the court records, Nguyen was playing the game of mini-baccarat at the Isle Hotel Casino last week and at around 11pm, she placed a wager on spot 2. After the cards were passed out and the wagers settled, Nguyen placed a winning bet on 3 and earned $3,000. She placed the wager after the fact which is not allowed.

In Iowa, cheating at a casino is considered a Class D felony and can result in as much five years in prison. Nguyen also faces a lifetime ban from casinos in the state of Iowa. Whenever a player tries to cheat the casino, they are usually caught in the process or soon after. With high tech security systems and constant vigilance, the casino is well-equipped to catch a cheater in action.

Players are advised to play the game according to the casino rules or face the consequences which could be significant jail time, fines, banning and more. Play the game as you should and you will have an enjoyable time without worrying about punishment!

- 2014-08-20

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