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Alabama woman accused of cheating at baccarat in Mississippi

The game of baccarat is one that can reward players handsomely when the right move is made. Players who enjoy baccarat strive to place the right bet and see the right cards dealt to earn the win. The game is usually played by individuals who are familiar with the rules and those who have a high amount of cash to wager. Baccarat is considered a high roller game. Recently, a woman from Alabama was visiting a Biloxi casino when she allegedly cheated the game, winning $3,000. (15/08)

Palazzo to host Grand Master Baccarat Championship

In July, the Palazzo of Las Vegas will play host to the 5th Annual Grand Dragon Master Baccarat Championship. The championship is of the global variety and takes place across several Las Vegas Sands properties including those in Singapore and Macao. The combined events of the Championship span the globe and offers $10,000,000 in total prize money! (27/05)

Ameristar Casino expands baccarat gaming room

Baccarat is a favorite casino game enjoyed both online and in live form. The game is found to be quite enjoyable for players who love to risk higher amounts of cash and is known as a VIP gaming option. In Chicago, gamblers will find the Ameristar Casino Hotel East Chicago has upgraded their baccarat game room to provide an expanded player experience. (10/05)

Realistic Games Begins Baccarat Gaming

While players enjoying Realistic Games products at top online casinos, yet another game has been released. The first new release, just two weeks ago was the Hi Lo Blackjack game. Several UK online casinos began to offer the new side game and now Realistic Games is offering up a baccarat game. (22/06)

Baccarat Battle Ends for Golden Nugget

Since 2012, the Golden Nugget located in Atlantic City New Jersey has been battling an incident involving the game of mini-baccarat. The case has finally ended and the casino was named the winner of the battle. $1.5 million was won at the casino with the baccarat game, though the casino claimed the players took advantage of an unshuffled deck to take the money. (10/02)

No Wrong-Doing Found in Mini-Baccarat Case

Two years ago the Golden Nugget was subject to a case involving mini-baccarat and $1.5 million. Several players won a ton of cash and a court battle has taken place for years with players trying to prove they did nothing wrong. An investigation has now found that no wrong-doing took place during the incident. (29/09)

Baccarat Championship Set for Las Vegas Next Weekend

Baccarat is a favorite game among high rollers and regular gamblers and can be enjoyed at top casinos across the globe. The game is a favorite in Las Vegas and a popular tournament for the game is set for this coming weekend. The Grand Dragon Master Baccarat Championship will be in its 3rd season this year and will begin on September 26th. The Vegas portion of the contest will take place this weekend and will offer a huge prize pool of $1.59 million. (24/09)

New Electronic Baccarat Table Released by LT Game Ltd

Baccarat is the game of choice for several gamblers across the globe and can be found in many forms. When playing online, the game can be found at top online casinos and played in a variety of different ways. When playing the game at a land based casino, the game can be enjoyed electronically or with a physical deck of cards. LT Game Ltd recently decided to launch a new E-Baccarat table which combines the live dealer aspect of baccarat with electronic wagering. (10/09)

Baccarat Cheater Arrested after Scamming Casino

Baccarat is a game that is considered a ‘high roller’ choice and is particularly a favorite of Asian gamblers. Casinos around the world offer baccarat at several different stakes and the game is an interesting table gaming option to enjoy. The game is usually one that is subject to cheating as players have figured out how to cheat at the game. Just recently, a woman in Iowa was caught cheating at the baccarat tables and was quickly arrested. (20/08)

Baccarat Goes Social

Social media is one of the most common forms of communication in today’s society. Individuals use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to speak about life, feelings or just nonsense. These platforms have also become a common platform for gaming sites, operators and developers. In particularly, Facebook has provided an outlet for games to start out as play money and then begin to build potential for real money game play. (29/07)

Nevada Gaming Revenues on the Up Thanks to Baccarat

The game of baccarat is one that is very popular with high rolling gamblers as it offers high stakes and premium rewards. Players will enjoy the card game at top Las Vegas casinos and tens of thousands as well as even millions can be won from the game, if you have the bankroll to fund the game. Asian gamblers tend to enjoy the game the most and in the state of Nevada, the game can help the revenues to increase for gaming. (03/07)

Baccarat Casino Busted for Illegal Gambling

While gambling activities are widely legalized across the globe, there are still some areas in the world that do not offer any type of gambling. It is in these areas that you can find illegal activity taking place. Operators will set up shop just about anywhere to give gamers the opportunity to play their favorite games to win cash. However, this is not legal and usually results in a bust or sting operation. The most recent incident of this happening takes place in Yokohama and involves the game of baccarat. (19/02)

Live Baccarat Option Available Via Vivo Gaming

Baccarat is a popular game that first made its debut in Asia. The game is enjoyed in live form at brick and mortar casinos and even in online game play. Players have many outlets in which to enjoy the game and in most cases; the most exciting option is with high rollers in live game play. Live game play online is one of the more popular options available and while there are not many options with live gaming, baccarat is always in the mix. (12/02)

Baccarat Casino Raided in Tokyo

Illegal gambling is not permitted in Tokyo and just a few days ago, a baccarat gaming ring was busted by police. According to recent reports, the Metropolitan police department in Tokyo busted a casino that offer baccarat gaming in the Edogawa Ward and made several arrests. (03/02)

Bodog Live Launches New Baccarat Option

The game of baccarat is one that is quite popular among gamers across the globe. Casino gaming operators must continue to create exciting gaming options, including the game of baccarat, to keep players happy and coming back for more. Bodog is a top operator that provides quality gaming options including the game of baccarat. The site offers a nice selection of Live Gaming and has now announced that they are providing a new variant of baccarat for players to enjoy. (27/01)

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